The School Day

The daily and weekly timetables will mirror the typical approach seen in most mainstream primary schools, acknowledging that we want to support pupils to re-engage with mainstream approaches.

Typically, pupils will begin the day with personalised learning. This includes one-to-one reading, mathematics basic skills and spelling. Maths and English lessons are taught most each morning as distinct lessons and across the wider curriculum.

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The School Day

Euler will follow the same school year as other Venn schools. This is based on the school term dates suggested by Hull local authority. This is because most pupils on roll will be duel registered at Hull schools. The school will operate for 190 days plus have five days devoted to teacher training. Training days will be agreed with the trust to ensure staff get maximum benefit from closure days.

The school day will mirror most mainstream primary schools. Pupils will be able to be dropped off from 8.45, where there will be a breakfast and homework club available for pupils.

The school day will begin at 08.55 with registration and individualised learning.

There will be a 15-minute morning break and 60 minutes devoted to lunch and social etiquette training.

In addition to individualised learning pupils will have a mathematics and numeracy lesson each morning. The afternoons will be devoted to the foundation curriculum and be mainly taught through a topic approach with dedicated lessons for Physical education and music.

The school day will end at 15.00. This will provide a school week of 23.5 hours.

Where a plan to re-integrate a pupil back into a mainstream primary school there will be clear arrangements for transition; sometimes phasing the attendance at the mainstream school with support from Euler staff.

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