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Pupils who attend Euler will access the highest possible educational offer to promote and enable transition and reintegration back into mainstream provision at any appropriate point of readiness (during a year, or a key stage, or at key transition points – Year1/2, Year 2/3, Year 3/4 or Year 6/7.

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Curriculum principles and programme

Our principal is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which focuses squarely on developing basic skills and filling in any identified gaps in learning.

Based on the National Curriculum, Euler will provide a curriculum that is challenging, interesting and enjoyable. We will use assessment to plan lessons which are well-paced and reflect pupils’ prior progress and attainment. We will focus on their individual targets to secure achievement. Staff’ will monitor pupil targets daily and weekly to track individual progress and regularly report to all stakeholders.

There will be an emphasis across the curriculum to improve English and mathematics skills. Pupils will be encouraged to read for pleasure and will access the library. The intervention teams will deliver a variety of programmes in a variety of scenarios 1:1, groups etc. Pupils who do not secure appropriate phonic skills by the end of key stage 1 will be supported to continue to develop their phonic skills though key stage 2. Pupils will be taught to present their work with a legible handwriting style. They will be encouraged to take pride in their work.

360 learning plans

Our curriculum will be driven by our pupils’ 360 learning plans which are based around the following four areas:

1. Personal Development – Social, emotional and well-being

2. Cognition and Learning – Reading, Writing and Maths

3. Communication and Interaction

4. Physical, Sensory and Health

Foundation subjects

Our foundation subjects are based upon the National Curriculum and tailored to our pupils’ needs using a topic approach designed to engage in interest pupils of all abilities.

A distinct element of the curriculum will be planned activities to develop pupils’ social, emotional, mental wellbeing and will include social etiquette training. As a consequence, pupils will be taught to take turns, to share and to conduct themselves at mealtimes in an appropriate way.

As a result of acknowledging this needs Euler will provide a range of therapists and specialist services to all pupils. This list is not exhaustive but, where appropriate may include:

– Speech and language therapists

– Art therapists

– Access to CAMHs

– Educational Psychologist

– Counselling and mentoring support

– Intervention team that is forensically focused on securing learner outcomes

– Access to behaviour and emotional well-being specialists

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) will cover a wide range of important skills, knowledge and understanding, which are essential for pupils to be well-informed, sensitive and tolerant citizens.

Euler will base its curriculum offer on the National Curriculum and use a similar approach to the offer used in mainstream settings, typically based on a topic or theme. The emphasis on basic skills will boost pupils’ reading, writing and mathematics skills to ensure they are better prepared to return to mainstream education as soon as they are ready.

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