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As a commissioned service we will work with partners to ensure that pupils in need or early intervention and support are identified across a range of mainstream schools.

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Anticipated numbers on roll

The following is only indicative and reflects information schools have provided about current and anticipated levels of need. Our intention is to start small and build on our successes year-upon-year.

Key stage 1 rollKey stage 2 roll
First year1414
Second year2121
Third year2828

Positive behaviour

Euler Academy will promote positive behaviour and full attendance.

We want to create a positive and safe environment for learning which inspires all to discover, develop and fulfil their potential and aspirations without unnecessary hindrance or distraction.

The parents/carers of all new pupils will receive a current copy of the school prospectus, and have access to all school policies. New entrants and their parents will receive, agree to and sign the Home School Agreement that focuses on key issues such as behaviour, attendance, punctuality and appearance. The Principal will sign on behalf of the school. We put great store in fostering a positive relationship between home and school, in essence the extended school family.

Since all pupils may spend a part of their school week in off-site provision we will encourage them to adhere to the same, positive behaviour expected in school, additionally this will include; maintaining good manners, good timekeeping and attendance, appropriate dress code and demeanour.

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