Behaviour Audits

As specialists in behaviour management, we have a proven track record in helping other schools to identify and understand the root causes of low-level and high-level disruptive behaviour in their individual school setting.

Our Behaviour Audit service focuses on a school’s behaviour management practices, and is the first step towards achieving a calmer, more productive, more enjoyable environment where pupil outcomes are raised and staff stress levels are lowered.

Behaviour Can Change

We know from experience that addressing and overcoming behavioural issues can seem insurmountable, and many schools can feel as though they are alone in their struggle with this particularly challenging process.

We firmly believe that no school should feel isolated, and that the key to developing positive learning behaviour is to collaborate. Our Behaviour Can Change programme embodies this, with experienced practitioners from Venn Academy Trust listening to, observing, supporting, guiding, advising, and training each individual school that we work with.

The result is a consistent, persistent, and insistent behaviour management policy designed to enable pupils to excel through outstanding teaching practices.

Continuing Professional Development

Venn’s Behaviour Can Change programme can become a significant part of your school’s strategy for CPD in Education. The programme requires that all staff be closely involved on an ongoing basis in the process of understanding and changing disruptive behaviour. To facilitate this, we offer a range of courses tailored to cover specific aspects of the programme for staff at different levels and stages of the process. 

To find out more on our courses please contact Simon Witham, Headteacher at Thorpepark on 01482 854 632.


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